Strategic Plan

IHS strategic plan for 2011/12-2015/16 Summary


The IIHS was established to serve as a center for training professionals, providing health information, serving as a research facility. Over all, it focused at providing general, professional knowledge, skills and other abilities to the trainees to become competent health care providers in various situations and settings. Other key areas of focus were provision of consultancy services, medical and related services. In all its work of training, its ambition was driven by the need to provide trainees and staff with opportunities for growth, development, local and international experience sharing as well as developing the career of staff facilitating training courses. IIHS was also set up to develop, review and implement curricula for health training courses that are relevant to the problems, challenges and health needs of the people of Uganda. It dreamt of trainees that were professionally ethical, well groomed in character, leadership, responsibility; and who possessed human virtues. In furthering achievement of her objectives the institute aimed at developing health training sites with a long term vision of setting up an appropriate community infrastructure that would promote her goals. With the current achievements, the institute looks to the future with confidence. The IIHS Strategic Plan therefore is a means of addressing the institutes future development needs. More......

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