Executive Director

A Message from the Executive Director- Prof. Wilton S. Kezala

This Institute has been designed to serve National and International candidates willing to pursue academic studies in the health professional.

Since its start, IIHS has conducted Health Training Programmes in General nursing, Enrolled Comprehensive Nursing and Midwifery, who have been candidates from International and National countries who have qualified in the above respective programme to serve in their respective Countries.

In 2010, IIHS developed a Strategic Plan focusing on expansion of the training programme in order to improve on the quality and quantity of the training. More programme including; Diploma in Nursing, Health Tutor's Diploma programme are in the pipeline for implementation.

I thank all stakeholders including; Ministry of Education and Sports, Ministry of Health, Uganda Nurses and Midwifery Council, Uganda Nurses and Midwifery Examination Board, Shareholder of IIHS, Staff of IIHS, Students and the Community for the establishment of the IIHS.

I therefore would like to encourage all interested candidates from National and International Countries to enroll in the available courses at IIHS which is the leading International Health Training Institute.

For more information please contact us on iihsjinja@gmail.com

Prof. Wilton S. Kezala

Executive Director

International Institute of Health Sciences- Jinja (IIHS)

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