A Message from the Principal- Mr. Etiang Moses

Let me convey my sincere gratitude to all the people of this nation and beyond. Special thanks go to those who have utilized International Institute of Health Sciences in one way or another. Indeed this health facility would serve you better and always since it conducts several programs such as Diploma in Nursing (Extension) for one and a half years, Certificate in General Nursing and Certificate in Midwifery. In the nearby future, the Institution has it in plan to begin other programs

International Institute of Health Sciences is equipped with fully qualified teaching staff to suit the existing academic programs and it is looking forward to having another recruitment to cater for the future programmes. At the Institution, there is room for Co-curricular activities which are a necessity to a normal human being i.e. Nurses and Midwives.

My advices therefore goes to all the students who are presently training in this Institute, there is need to work hard on your academics and morals so as to portray the picture of this Institution and the profession as a whole and to be able to fit in this country with many health related challenges. And for those intending to join us, endeavor to achieve the best of your academic desires from this Institution. In this regard, may I emphasize that career guidance be done accordingly especially at lower levels.

This being a dynamic International Institute, growing every day that passes, it gives me a great exposure to a lot of challenging working situations but I know with all the support and team work given to me by my employer i.e. the Executive Director and the entire staff will manage the Institution for God and my Country to love and serve leading to health for all.

International Institute of Health Sciences has a bigger vision for the near future. It is planning to establish new educational programmes soon including:

Registered/ Diploma Nursing Programmes for Extensors running for a period of 18 months.

Registered/ Diploma Midwifery program for Extensors running for a period of 18 months.

Health professional Tutors' Diploma Programme for the already qualified health professionals in their various disciplines for 2 years.

Engage ourselves in the in-service training program of certificate in comprehensive Nursing for 6 months under the USAID/Uganda capacity programme in conjunction with Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education and Sports.

Strengthening networking with other health training institutions, government, Non-government Organizations and related sectors in an effort to meet its goals and objectives.

Last but not least, may I call upon the Ministry of Education and Sports, Ministry of Health and other stakeholders to continuously support the institute for a sustainable academic and professional development to take place.

Thank you very much.

Mr. Etiang Moses

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